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"I'm a very particular person. I want it to be right, so I am a communicator and I set expectations. Obsessive Compulsive is how I'm referred to. That may be the case, but I use it as a tool. Not many people are as picky as me, so if I find it to be acceptable, then it typically makes everyone else very happy. And that is my aim. I am quality and customer satisfaction driven..." 


Let me introduce myself. My name is Tom Buck, President of Buck-Lewis Homes and Lewis Home and Building Inspections, Inc. I grew up in the Greensboro Triad area and around real estate and construction. I have a construction management degree and have years of construction management experience, building homes since 1998, working for various builders, with experience in both production and custom. However, I have become tired of the mentality that quality and customer satisfaction come second to the bottom line. So I have decided to build solely for myself, where I can do what is right instead of what is dictated by a corporate company policy. My company holds a NC General Contractors License, so if you have a client that wants to build, I am happy to advise and assist! By all means, give me a call! Let me help you and your client, with building their home. I have built hundreds of homes in my career, ranging from small to large, 600 square feet to 5000+, $100K to $700K+, from simple to extravagant. No home too small or large, I will build it for you! I come highly recommended and have always had 100% customer satisfaction ratings everywhere that I have built, so give me a call and let me have the opportunity to make more happy homeowners!


I, also, still do home inspections, and since I am a licensed general contractor and builder, and well versed in new construction, I would be happy to do during construction inspections if you have a buyer that is building a home, just ask! I am thorough without adding any sensationalism or blowing things out of proportion. I don't like to scare people, just point out what I see and explain it in realistic terms. I do not like killing deals! I have very quick turn around on reports, typically same day! My inspection pricing is very competitive without sacrificing quality, so please give me a call if you have a buyer who has need of my services. My contact info is attached, and please forward this information to those in your office. But remember: Lower cost for your client, thorough without being scary, and quick turn around for less stress for your client and you! And thank you for your time! You can reach me anytime at 336-215-3693 or by email at


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